Oleg Vyshinskii
Effective criminal defense
Oleg Vyshinskii
Oleg Vyshinskii
Senior Partner, Advocate

Criminal Defense Firm


1992 – USSR Higher School of Investigation(Volgograd) (now Volgograd Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), Jurisprudence.

1997 – Volgograd Academy of Public Service, Banking and Finance

Oleg Vyshinsky has 31 years’ experience in investigating and defending against financial, corruption, and white-collar criminal cases, including 14 years in investigative units of the law enforcement of Volgograd and Kaliningrad oblast as a major case investigator, financial crimes investigation (banking and finance) department head, the first deputy head of the Main Investigative Department of the Volgograd oblast, head of the Department for the Investigation of Organized Criminal Activity at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kaliningrad oblast.

From 2009, after getting a license, Oleg has been defending clients in Kaliningrad Bar Association for 11 years, and from 2020 – Moscow City Bar Association. In February 2023 Oleg joined Criminal Defense Firm as a Senior Partner.


  • Defending and representing individuals and legal entities (criminal cases)
  • Defending business against law enforcement agencies at all stages of criminal proceedings, including pre-investigation checks and unscheduled inspections
  • Protection when put on an international wanted list, extradition, and criminal prosecution of persons extradited by foreign countries
  • Representing interests in arbitration courts in bankruptcy, debt collection within construction contracts and services contracts, disputing the actions of bailiffs and the Federal Antimonopoly Service
  • Representing interests in general jurisdiction courts in division of assets, resolving labour disputes, and land relations

Oleg Vyshinsky is recommended by Best Lawyers for Criminal Law in Russia, and for Criminal Law (Group 1) in an individual ranking by Pravo-300.

Oleg’s select project experience includes:

Representing individuals and public officials

  • Defending a former president of a state corporation Avtodor accused of misappropriating state funds in an amount of 1.8 bn rubles.
  • Defending a former head of Moscow City Construction Department accused of fraud, abuse of office, and bribe receipt while executing state procurement.
  • Defending the Ministry of Internal Affairs regional office head accused of larceny in an especially large amount during land alienation. Criminal charges were dropped during pre-investigation on the basis of absence of corpus delicti.
  • Providing legal support in extraditing entrepreneur Viktor Bogdan, the so-called ‘Amber King’, from Poland, who was accused during amber market sphere of influence redivision. In 2016, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland refused to extradite Bogdan upon the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation request in order to prosecute him within the Russian Federation.
  • Defending public officials of the regional government accused of receiving bribes during a bidding procedure.
  • Defending I. Rudnik, journalist and Kaliningrad Regional Duma member, accused alongside with the former Chief Inspector of the Authorized Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the Northwestern Federal District of extorting 50,000 USD from General V. Ledenev, Kaliningrad Oblast Investigative Committee Office head. The criminal case was investigated in the Main Department for Investigation of Major Crimes of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Following the Moscow District Court of St. Petersburg decision, the defendants' actions were recategorized from extortion to arbitrariness, both released from custody in the courtroom.
  • Obtaining a jury’s verdict of acquittal in a criminal case sent to the court by the investigator of the Main Office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Y. Burtovoy, the prosecution of which was supported by the prosecutor of the General Prosecutor's Office M. Reznichenko. Investigator Burtovoy specialized in investigating criminal cases following personal instructions of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation A. Bastrykin, such as the Yukos case, the Furgal case, etc. Prosecutor M. Reznichenko supported the prosecution in the cases against Magnitsky and Browder, PUSSY RIOT, Udaltsov, Razvozhaev, and other members of the opposition.
  • Representing interests of a shareholder in the case against OAO Sistema bankruptcy. The insolvency practitioner was replaced, the 10-year bankruptcy procedure was terminated, and the accounts payable were redeemed.