Effective criminal defense
Criminal legal assistance
For corporate and private clients
A passion for freedom and a thirst for justice
legal assistance to private and corporate clients
Alexey Novikov
Managing partner, advocate
Corporate clients:
Criminal law audit of Russian and foreign firms for the purposes of identifying and managing possible criminal law risks to their business
Arranging, coordinating and carrying out internal corporate investigations of alleged offences
Defending businesses against illegal actions of law enforcement agencies at all stages of criminal proceedings, including pre-investigation and unscheduled inspections
Protecting businesses from fraud and illegal takeovers
Identifying and managing criminal law risks in connection with insolvency procedures
Arranging and providing workshops on interacting with representatives of law enforcement agencies
Private clients:
Defending the rights and legal interests of suspects, accused persons and defendants at all stages of criminal proceedings, including pre-investigation inspections
Representing victims and witnesses
Representing victims and witnesses
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Alexey Kasatkin commended for proactive efforts in supporting entrepreneurs’ rights and legitimate interests
On February 16 Criminal Defense Firm Senior Partner Alexey Kasatkin participated as an expert in the working group session on criminal proceedings under Moscow City Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights. The participants have summarised the work of the group, which included handling entrepreneurs’ submissions lodged with the Commissioner’s establishment in 2020 and generalising the most common criminal offences. Furthermore, the group work p...
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Старший партнер, адвокат
Let’s Do It, Brothers! On obstacles to professional advocacy and ways to resolve issues
Not only was 2020 marked by difficulties resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic but also by frequent difficulties and non-legal obstacles to the unhampered existence of the legal profession. The list of these obstacles is extensive, so I will focus on a few of them. 1. Unsubstantiated criminal liability of lawyers for alleged remuneration for services that were not provided by them: - criminal case against Konsors Bar Association of...
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The firm’s Counsel, Doctor of Law, Professor Yury Garmaev was included on the Advisory Board of the Federation Council’s Committee for Constitutional Legislation and State Building on Criminal Law, Criminal Proceedings, Penal and Administrative Law, in section No. 3 on January 26, 2021. Section No. 3 addresses legislative initiatives on criminal law, criminal actions, criminal and penal law, and administrative law. Yury Garmaev is the directo...
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Criminal Defense Law Firm
Criminal Defense is a law firm established by qualified advocates with significant experience working in the RF Public Prosecution Service, the RF Investigative Committee and the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs.

We are very familiar with all aspects of the methods and approaches of law enforcement agencies. Our experience means we work as effectively as possible with law enforcement officers to achieve our clients’ desired results.

We focus on complex criminal business, job-related and corruption cases. We represent business owners, Russian and foreign companies, their employees and public officials.