Effective criminal defense
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Managing Partner, Advocate

Criminal Defense Firm

2006, All-Russian State Tax Academy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

20 years’ investigations and defence experience in corruption and white-collar criminal cases, including 13 years working in the Public Prosecution Service of the Russian Federation and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Alexey resigned his position as an investigator of special cases of the First Directorate for the Special Cases of the Central Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and began his career as a Partner at ZKS Law Firm. After two years, Alexey withdrew from ZKS and founded Criminal Defense Firm along with Alexey Kasatkin and other partners.


  • Criminal cases and pre-investigation inspectionssupport;
  • Identifying and managing criminal law risks and their consequences in organisations’ business and in their work with contractors and supervisory authorities;
  • Defending and representing private and corporate clients.

Receipt of numerous awards and commendations from the management of the RF Investigative Committee and the RF President’s Business Rights Commissioner. Moscow Business Rights Commissioner’s Pro-Bono Publico expert. Member of the Moscow Chamber of Advocates since 2017.

Alexey Novikov is recommended by the Best Lawyers international rating in Criminal Defense in Russia. He is nominated in the individual rankings: Pravo-300 in category ‘Criminal Law’, and Kommersant in categories ‘Criminal Law: Financial Crimes’, and ‘Art and Culture Law’.

Alexey’s current projects:

  • Representing interests of a state corporation and its employees in the investigation of a number of criminal cases on the repayment of issued credit lines and compensation for damage caused.
  • Representing interests of a leading leasing company as a victim in several subjects of the Russian Federation on identified cases with over 450 million rubles in damages.
  • Defending a General Director against charges of fraud on a particularly large amount on the case of radio absorbing materials supply while executing one of the largest state procurement and federal project — the construction of the GLONASS system in the amount of 6 billion rubles. The client was cleared of the charges and acquitted.
  • Defending a Founder of a cooperative charged of organizing a criminal group operating under a Ponzi scheme to seize citizens' funds amounted to over 3 billion rubles.
  • Defending a Chairman of the Board of one of the banks with foreign ownership accused in an attempt of illegal takeover by initiating a frame-up criminal prosecution, in which over 854 million rubles of the bank's property was illegally seized.
  • Defending a General Director accused of fraud in an especially large amount when receiving subsidies from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia for children's toys production.
  • Defending a civil servant unjustifiably accused of receiving a bribe and spreading false information in the media.
  • Defending a company General Director and an employee of the Russian Ministry of Defense accused of giving and receiving a bribe in a particularly large amount.
  • Defending a civil servant accused of excess of authority.

Giventhe period of his service in the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexey's experience includes investigations of criminal cases against public authorities and financial crimes. The most significant and resonant criminal cases are as follows:

  • Preparations for Sochi 2014 Olympics projects;
  • Criminal case against a BFG-Kredit bank former co-owner accused of attempted fraud of over 10 bn rubles;
  • Two high-profile cases against co-owners of Millenium Bank—fraud and misappropriation in an especially large amount;
  • Embezzlement in the Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs, FSUE Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Centre, Federal Tax Service, and other economic and law enforcement agencies;
  • Multiple cases against civil servants and government officials, including federal ones, accused of bribe receipt in an especially large amount in collusion with a group, embezzlement and misappropriation in bankruptcy during state procurement contracts award and execution, state funds; excess and abuse of authority, including commercial organisations.