Effective criminal defense
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Managing Partner, Advocate

Criminal Defense Firm

2006, All-Russian State Tax Academy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

19 years’ investigations and defence experience in business, corruption, and job-related criminal cases, including 13 years working in the RF Public

Prosecution Service and the RF Investigative Committee.

2017–2019 Partner at ZKS Law Firm

2020 Established Criminal Defense Law Firm

Alexey Novikov is included in the Best Lawyers 2022 international rating in Criminal Defense in Russia. He is recommended in the individual lawyers ranking ‘Kommersant’ in category ‘Art and Culture Law’. Alexey also entered the II group of recommended lawyers ranking in nomination ‘Criminal Law’.


  • Criminal cases and pre-investigation inspections
  • Identifying and managing criminal law risks and their consequences in organisations’ business and in their work with contractors and supervisory authorities
  • Defending and representing individuals and legal entities

Receipt of numerous awards and commendations from the management of the RF Investigative Committee and the RF President’s Business Rights Commissioner. Moscow Business Rights Commissioner’s Pro-Bono Publico Specialist. Member of the Moscow Chamber of Advocates since 2017.


Alexey’s project experience includes (optional):  

  • Criminal law audit of a group (internal and external), as well as managing and minimising criminal law-related risks for its heavy industry holding company. Supporting staff through pre-investigation and tax inspections. Support through a transition to a new group management structure, as well as with general business administration and work with contractors. No criminal case was initiated.  
  • Criminal law audit of an innovative product supply group as a result of which most business processes were restructured and preventative measures were taken. Having been informed of the risks, the owner terminated relationships with dubious contractors.  
  • Defending a high-ranking public official and members of his family wrongly accused of negligence and embezzlement of a significant amount of public funds classified as fraud (30 instances) in connection with the restoration of Rossiya and Illyuzion cinemas. The criminal case was dropped.  
  • Defending the general director of a corporate group supplier of the RF Ministry of Defence in an unsubstantiated criminal case initiated due to alleged embezzlement of a significant amount of public funds and supply of poor quality products. The criminal case was dropped.  
  • Defending a businessman and a public official suspected of giving and receiving a bribe. Despite the severity of the allegations and the politicisation of the case, no interim measures were taken and no charges were brought.  
  • Representing a popular blogger wrongly accused of breaching copyright and related rights, and fraud. The attorney’s work resulted in a refusal to initiate a criminal case.