corporate clients
Effective criminal defense
Criminal law audit of Russian and foreign firms for the purposes of identifying and managing possible criminal law risks to their business
Arranging, coordinating and carrying out internal corporate investigations of alleged offences
Defending businesses against illegal actions of law enforcement agencies at all stages of criminal proceedings, including pre-investigation and unscheduled inspections
Protecting businesses from fraud and illegal takeovers
Identifying and managing criminal law risks in connection with insolvency procedures
Arranging and providing workshops on interacting with representatives of law enforcement agencies
Our legal support includes:
advising on criminal law and proceedings
evaluating the criminal law aspects and prospects of a case
developing a uniform strategy and tactics for providing legal support for restoration of violated rights
advocate investigations
arranging and providing appropriate theoretical and practical training
employing mediation to resolve disputes, and participating in negotiations
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CDF: Victory in Mosgorsud in Trial Deadline Failure Case
On September 5 Mosgorsud delivered a judgement regarding a CDF client rights for criminal trial within a reasonable time violation. The client has fallen victim to a $3 m fraud case. The damages recovered from the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation amounted to 90 thousand rubles plus court costs. According to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation statistics, onl...
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CDF Takes a +10 Billion-Ruble Victory
On June 9 Khoroshyovskiy District Court has sustained the 10.9-billion ruble claim of a leading state corporation to its ex-deputy chairman of the board. Working closely with a team of in-house lawyers, Criminal Defense Firm experts both analysed the materials for the criminal case previously investigated against the defendant, and raised their legal stance based on them to the court. The strong performance they have achieved was not po...
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Alexey Kasatkin
Senior Partner, Advocate
CDF at the Business Under Defense Conference Organised by Vedomosti
CDF at the Business Under Defense Conference Organised by Vedomosti The current economic lay of the land, employee turnover, and market reduction make the business community seek for new efficient ways to handle critical situations. However, the creative ways of resolving business issues are not always anticipated by the law enforcement, and the criminal prosecution of entrepreneurs only gains momentum every year. Alexey Kasatkin, CDF Sen...
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