Эффективная защита в области уголовного права

On February 3, the Seventh General Jurisdiction Court of Cassation has fully satisfied the motion of Alexey Kasatkin, Criminal Defense Firm Senior Partner, and changed the territorial jurisdiction of the appeal proceedings on a criminal case against the firm’s client. The client was found guilty of accepting bribe and items of corrupt payment on a large and an especially large amountsin collusion with a group of individuals.

The reason forappealing to the court of cassation was the fact of a blood relationship between the investigator (who started, investigated, and forwarded the case to the prosecutor), and one of the judges of Chelyabinsk higher instance court. The defence believed that this circumstance could question neutrality and impartiality of the court of appeal when taking decision on the case.

While building a legal position, the firm’s experts addressed the ruling of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation as of 09.11.2018 № 39-P that appeals for the neutral and impartial proceedings in the judiciary.

Further to the proceedings Alexey Kasatkin noted, ‘As before, I believe that the sentence now being appealed, is baseless and motiveless, and initiating the case itself against the firm’s client was fabricated by agents of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. I suppose changing the territorial jurisdiction of the appeal proceedings on a criminal case would help to relieve the possible pressure of the law enforcement officers on the court approving the legal and reasoned decision. I hope that the judgement would be of procedural benefit to our colleagues who run their operation in Chelyabinsk region.’