Эффективная защита в области уголовного права

Criminal Defense Firm Managing Partner Alexey Novikov and the firm’s partner Anna Golub took part at a conference in Voronezh that was held on 23-25 September. The conference joined two events, V Legal Forum of Chernozemye and Minsk Legal Forum.

‘For most lawyers, every Forum is an event where speakers give talks on the same topics and show presentations. As for the name, Legal means its belonging to the sector, and Antiforum means that it diverges in offbeat topics, including ones unaccepted to be spoken in public. There is no room for dull topics in the exceptional entertainment we are offering in the Middle-Earth. As mentioned above, #MLF (Minsk Legal Forum) represents CIS, and #LFC (Legal Forum of Chernozemye) represents Central Russia. And together, the Forums cover ‘European Middle-Earth’, the organizing committee says.

The conference included various debates on legal business development:

  • Transformation of Law Firms’ Corporate Culture in a Post-Apocalyptic World, Or What Drives a Team on a Dangerous Quest to Mordor;
  • Competition and Price Wars of Middle-Earth: Regional Elves and Capital Hobbits. Strengths and Weaknesses;
  • 80 Lvl. Marketing: Expensive, Bad, Ineffective, Or How to Make Little Hobbits World-Famous Superheroes;
  • Client Relationships: For Better or For Worse, Or How to Make an Ally of Gondor, Rohan, and Erebor in a Battle against Common Evil, Sauron.

‘Colleagues spoke about useful and applicable in a developing company information in plain language’, Anna Golub says.

‘The conference left lots of impression and memories to cherish. I was happy to see old friends and meet new people. Many thanks to the organizing committee for the superb event – I feel recharged, and it’s time to get back to work’, Alexey Novikov says.

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