Эффективная защита в области уголовного права

On 26th of August Alexey Kasatkin, Criminal Defense Firm Senior Partner, gave a talk that was included in the course ‘Inheriting a Business: Organize, Hand Down, Accept’

The speakers addressed the questions of business inheritance and estate planning at four aspects that are important for every lawyer:

- Estate planning as a new legal service;

- Legal instruments of estate planning and succession of business assets;

- Inheriting business as a risk of civil liability;

- Inheriting business and criminal risks.

During his talk on the topic ‘Inheritance: A Blessing or a Risk? Criminal Risks in Inheriting a Business’, Alexey Kasatkin covered the following issues:

- Likely criminal risks for ancestors and heirs (i.e. a person inherited a business and became a business owner. Suddenly a company was raided. The company’s employees, including the new owner, were interrogated, the company’s accounts were frozen, and the obligations to the counterparties were no longer performed. As a result, the company faced multiple claims.);

- Who should beware of what and how long (subjects of criminal risks, periods of limitation for prosecution);

- ‘Risk zones’, who could influence on initiating criminal proceedings in succession;

How to detect, prevent, and reduce criminal risks for ancestors and heirs.

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