Эффективная защита в области уголовного права

Criminal Defense Firm Counsel, Doctor of Law, Professor Yury Garmaev has won in the Council of Europe’s grant competition in the “Human Rights Education for the Legal Profession (HELP) in the Russian Federation” international programme.

Early in 2021 Yury Garmaev applied to the grant competition, and on March 2 he entered the pool of eight chosen experts from Russia with 4.64 points out of 5.

Within the educational programme, Yury will hold courses on substantive and procedural aspects of the Russian criminal law in the light of ECHR law, including the use of the results of domestic intelligence activities in criminal actions.

Criminal Defense Firm Managing Partner Alexey Novikov noted: “Warmest congratulations to Yury on the event. We wish him to soar new heights on his professional path!”

“Human Rights Education for the Legal Profession (HELP) in the Russian Federation” is the only project of the Council of Europe that is implemented in the Russian Federation and targeted at the Russian legal community. This project was designed in response to the query of the Russian public authorities that proactively cooperate with the Council of Europe to execute ECHR decisions and meet human rights standards on the national level.

The educational format of most events of the project creates opportunities for joint discussions and keeping the dialogue on burning and complex issues with concerned parties and the legal community at large. This guarantees long-term and solid results, mostly through educating Russian lawyers about human rights and adding this knowledge to their arsenal.