Artyom Polovinkin
Effective criminal defense
Artyom Polovinkin
Partner, Advocate

Criminal Defense Firm

2005 – Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL).

2011–2012 – Capital Market and Management Institute: certificates of the Federal Financial Markets Service (now abolished with its functions transferred to the Central Bank of Russia): on stock market, broker and dealer activity; management of securities, investment funds, mutual investment funds, and private pension funds.

Artyom Polovinkin has 16 years’ experience in investigating and defending against financial, corruption, and white-collar crimes, including 14 years in investigative agencies and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Artyom resigned his position as a public prosecutor of the Criminal Administration Department of the City of Moscow Public Prosecutor’s Office in 2018. In 2019, Artyom obtained the status of advocate.

Artyom has been an advocate of the Moscow City Bar Association and a partner in Criminal Defense Firm since October 2021.


  •  Defending and representing private and corporate clients’ interests in criminal cases, pre-investigation reviews, and on-the-spot checks.
  •  Legal representation and business protection during criminal proceedings, including pre-investigation reviews, investigative work, and challenging court decisions on the seizure and arrest of property and monetary funds.
  •  Defending individuals against being put on international wanted lists and extradition, and persons handed over by foreign states against criminal prosecution.
  •  Protection of businesses against fraud and illegal takeovers committed via evidence tampering and forgery in arbitration and civil proceedings.
  •  Defending and representing private and corporate clients.

Received awards and commendations from the Moscow City Prosecutor (2006, 2009, 2015).

Artyom’s selected project experience:

  1. Defending and representing private clients:
  • Defending a local businessman (municipal parliament member) against unsubstantiated charges of large-scale embezzlement. The advocate prepared and filed a petition to the ECHR on baseless imprisonment. The appeal has been taken up by the court.
  • Defending a member of the Moscow City Duma in courts of appeal and courts of cassation against unsubstantiated charges of large-scale embezzlement.
  1. Experience in appealing unsubstantiated court decisions in courts of appeal and courts of cassation, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation:
  • For individuals convicted of white-collar crimes,
  • For an individual put on Interpol’s wanted list, handed over by a foreign state, and convicted in the Russian Federation.